• Oasis Counseling was founded in 2007 and has been taking the leading position on empowering people to take control of their life. Our vision is to help others tap into their hidden potential. We seek to help those who want to help themselves but lack the proper tools. The founder, Mrs. Maggie Dulcio, after several years of being in the field of Mental Health, observed the struggle of many individuals and families from the flaws in the Mental Health system. The system was failing those individuals. Some were desperately searching for help while others were hesitant to get help due to the stigma associated with Mental Health.

    At Oasis we use a real life approach to work with those that we serve so that they can reach their maximum potential. We take into account the many factors which may be hindering their ability to reach their full mental well-being.

    We provide individual counseling, family counseling and group therapy. We work with those struggling with depression, anger management issues, self-image/ self-esteem issues, substance abuse issues, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and more.

  • A survey conducted by the Associated Press-AOL indicated that 10 to 16 million Americans are suffering terribly due to their debts. Among those reporting high debt, 29 percent suffered severe anxiety and 23 percent had severe depression. We worked with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, those with stress management or/and anger management issues. We offer individual, family and group therapy.

    A study completed by British researchers published in 2008 suggested that low income and debt can be linked to mental illness.

    Finances for many families is the source of many disagreement and frustration. We work to help families come together and find ways to effectively deal with money issues within the family.

    We also strive to protect and promote the rights and opportunities of individuals particularly immigrants and refugees.

    Additionally, services are provided to refugees who encounter difficulties in adjusting to life in the United States. We work together with other organizations and companies to provide services such as: job training services to include orientation to work in the United States, job-seeking skills, and assistance with resume writing.

    We also provide counseling services in Haitian Creole.



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  • We believe in treating the complete person. We understand the connection between mental/spiritual health, physical health and financial health. We utilize many approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client-Centered therapy and Systemic approaches. We offer individual counseling, family counseling and group therapy.

    Over the years we've seen the devastating effect of poor financial health on people's mental health. Managing personal finances and Mental Health go hand in hand. If you are struggling to keep control of your income and expenses, you may find that your mental health is affected. Likewise, if you find that you cannot cope with your feelings or behavior, your finances may get neglected.

    The stress associated with financial difficulties can lead to:

    • feelings of inadequacy or hopelessness
    • lack of security
    • conflict within your family
    • vulnerability, giving control of financial matters to third parties

    Our approach emphasizes the importance of educating individuals on how to manage their life. We believe that education is empowerment. We work with individuals struggling with anger management/stress management issues, depression, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder and more.


About Oasis Counseling

Oasis Counseling- The mission of Oasis Counseling is to enrich and empower the individuals and families that we serve and to inspire people to make positive decisions which will help them become productive citizens. We work with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD and more. We also deal with domestic violence, substance abuse and anger issues. We help people manage their life and help guide them to make better life choices.

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