FOOD Can Stifle Dreams

By Maggie Dulcio, LMHC, CAP

We all know that as human beings we need food to survive and for our wellness.  We have to ensure that we nourish our body with the proper nutrients and vitamins and it is vital to make the right food choices.  I do not need to tell you that the food we put into our body can affect our wellness negatively or positively.  Food can affect our mood just as much as it can have a physical impact.  Additionally, food can also affect us financially.  Poor food choices can lead to health problems that can end up costing a lot of money.  Conversely, investing in a healthy diet could mean avoiding some expensive health pitfalls.  Consequently, I have a passion for the natural health revolution and I am sharing with others the benefits of the Moringa plant, the healthiest plant on earth.  My goal is to help people make better food choices while taking care of themselves so that they can enjoy complete wellness.

You may now be wondering as the title indicates, “how can FOOD stifle dreams”?  Bear with me a minute.  Has it ever felt like your dreams are bigger than your life experiences? Your education? Your circumstances?  Has people ever laugh at you or give you a peculiar look when you share your dreams with them?  How about every time you think you are closer to your dreams it seems as if you’ve made three steps back? Or maybe you’ve lost hope and don’t think you can ever reach your dreams.  If so, you may be feeling the effects of FOOD on your dreams.  As a result, you may be thinking you need to downsize your dreams.  Before you start to shrink your dreams to fit into your current situation, consider the following.  The common culprit for stealing our dreams:

Fear—will often hold us back from going after our dreams.  Fear can paralyze us and prevent us from taking actions.  We make excuses as to the reasons we can’t do this or that.  We are afraid of failing and sometimes we are even afraid of succeeding.

Opinions--of other people can hold us hostage where we don’t go for our dreams. You could be hearing what other people have to say instead of striving for a different level.  It could be that you shared your vision and those around you do not have similar beliefs.  Looking that the failures of others could be something that is holding you back from going after your dreams. You could have people in your circle who have little faith in you and what you can achieve.

Obstacles—“If at first you don’t succeed try and try again” is something that we hear all the time.  Sometimes we encounter so many challenges we simply give up.  We may think that because we encounter so many obstacles, it must be the universe telling us to accept our current situation.

Doubt—we start thinking we don’t have the qualifications or our dreams are too big.  We list our limitations and place restrictions on our capabilities.

The only way to overcome the effect of FOOD on your dreams is to be in the right mindset.  Our mind will create some thoughts that will cause us to experience certain feelings that will ultimately determine our action.  There is one piece of advice that I give to my children all the time, “your mind is a powerful thing”.  Your thoughts will determine what you become.  We need to fill our mind with good and hopeful thoughts to avoid the effect of FOOD on our dreams. Do you want to live out your dreams, visit:

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Finding Hope

Health Wellness

By Maggie Dulcio, LMHC, CAP

A new journey is often challenged by hesitation, fear or anxiety; conversely, there are occasions when there is some excitement with the idea of a new undertaking.  To say the least, I am experiencing some enthusiasm and some hesitancy with starting this blog.  Writing a blog has always been a desire of mine, though fear of taking that initial step had held me back.  I think the therapist in me challenged me to face my fear and here we are, viewer to the writing of my first blog entry.  Part of the reason I’ve wanted to start a blog is to help inspire and guide others.  As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, MY WORK HAS BEEN DEVOTED TO HELPING OTHERS FIND HOPE.  I truly believe that people can live fulfilled lives no matter the circumstances as long as they have HOPE.

My story began as a little girl who grew up in an impoverished country and did not get to meet her biological mother until the age of 10 years old.  I remember finding and holding on to HOPE.  That HOPE helped me to accept my situation, live and appreciate what I had, endure hardships and believe that my current struggles were temporary.

I have been providing people with individual, family and group counseling.  Parenting for divorcing parents is also provided at Oasis Counseling, LLC.  In counseling, people have to feel comfortable to know that they can be themselves to open up and share their issues.  I believe in a counseling environment where individuals don’t feel they are being judged.  People come to counseling seeking guidance and looking to find HOPE.

I’ve helped people going through a divorce or separation of an intimate relationship.  Divorce is a painful event, having small children while going through a divorce complicates matter.  In the parenting course that I teach, the focus is on helping people process the effects of the divorce and help parents place their children’s best interest at the forefront when developing a parenting plan.  Co-parenting is not easy but it does not have to be a nightmare.  There is HOPE.

In my years of counseling, I’ve come to realize that emotional, physical and financial health are interconnected. I’ve seen so many people struggle with depression and anxiety because of lack of adequate financial means.  When people stress about money, they can develop emotional and physical problems.  Stress is often referred to as a silent killer.  People often need to find HOPE.  My work entails helping others find HOPE. Finding hope is crucial, it’s the beginning of the journey.  It’s just as important to help people find solutions to their problems!  That is the reason I’ve partnered with a company that offer real solutions to people while offering hope.  That company is often referred to as the “Moringa Company”.  Moringa Oleifera has been used for centuries to nourish and improve physical and mental wellness.  Moringa offers over ninety (90) verifiable nutrients, over forty (40) antioxidants, strengthen the immune system and promotes mental clarity to name a few of its benefits.  Moringa has also been used to purify water.  Many people in the western world are not familiar with Moringa. This company uses the best practice in the business to harvest the Moringa plant and they have a propriety blend that they market.  Additionally, this company has leveraged the power of network marketing to help individuals generate a source of income.  For additional information visit:  HOPE can be found here!

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